Cheapest 3D TV: Skyworth Coocaa Smart 3D K08 Cost Performance Evaluation



Cheapest 3D TV: Skyworth Coocaa Smart 3D K08 Cost Performance Evaluation
Skyworth Group, the leader of color TVs in China, rolled out another surprise three months after a new generation 3D was put into season and sold well globally since December 2nd last year. On March 2nd this year, Skyworth held a press conference to declare the arrival of CCFL backlight 3D TVs in the market. This series initiated to adopt CCFL backlight technology globally and integrated smart 3D engine and a new generation non-blink 3D technology as well. While its No.1 highlight lies in the fact that the series is rolled out for pushing the popularization of 3D and named the cheapest 3D TV at the moment.
Buying 3D TV at the Price of Common LCD TV
The series is named K08RD. On the press conference, Skyworth Group revealed the price of Coocaa smart 3D K08RD series products. The reporter saw, the new product has four sizes, namely 47-inch, 42-inch, 37-inch and 32-inch.
By comparison, it can be found that the prices mentioned above are equal to the price of common LCD TVs. Liu Tangzhi, general marketing manager of Skyworth Group expressed on the conference, the series of TVs are rolled out just for the purpose of 3D popularization, which is set to make a hit in the market of color TV.
Liu introduced, in the light of 3D TV’s “high price” bottleneck which is a most concern problem among the customers, Skyworth has begun to fully launch attempts of technical innovation since May of last year. Currently, Skyworth has successfully applied CCFL backlight technology in the Coocaa smart 3D. Meanwhile, Skyworth will supply more 3D TVs of K08RD series to ensure that the residents in large and medium cities in China can buy the products at a price of common LCD TV. Liu also revealed the Skyworth’s scheme of 3D TVs in which ten series, a total of 50 models of 3D TVs will be rolled out this year, among which, 40 percent above of medium and high end LCD will gradually shift to Coocaa smart 3D and the sizes will be mainly large screens 55-inch, 47-inch and 42-inch, etc.
Smart 3D Engine Contributing to Excellent Performance
The reporter found on the news conference that even though Coocaa smart 3D K08RD sold at low price, they are of outstanding performance. They are far from being overshadowed by currently high-end LED backlight 3D E92RD TVs and are all equipped with globally leading smart 3D engine.
According to the Skyworth, smart 3D engine is constructed with top class nanotechnology, equipped with powerful capacity of computing, decoding and multi-tasking processing and takes the initiative to realize central processing chip of 3D operating system, 3D blue-light decoding, 3D frequency doubling driving, 3D graphics acceleration and 3D smart conversion on the TV platform.
Though smart 3D engine has been rolled out for only three months, it has been widely recognized by the market and the consumers as well as praised by most color TV experts. It’s reported that the excellent features of smart 3D engine has substantively upgraded the 3D imaging technology as well as the operating speed and decoding capacity of 3D, 3D image conversion and graphics manipulation.
The reporter found that Skyworth K08RD Coocaa smart 3D TVs adopt 3D operating system. Under the powerful support of smart 3D engine, the 3D operating system has applied the globally first-ever interactive interface of 3D visual space, which has thoroughly broken the monopoly of UI plane among traditional TVs.
Meanwhile, Coocaa K08RD can decode the 3D blue-light MVC format based on TV streaming media, support decoding of coding formats like MVC-VC-1 AVS of 3D blue light and support playing of such 3D signal systems as left-right, up-down, line interlacing and frame interlacing.
Other than that, Coocaa 08RD 3D TVs can also realize the free conversion between 2D and 3D so that common TV signals can be converted into 3D image which will be presented to the users in 3D manner, thereby solving the current problem of program scarcity. Meanwhile, the 3D images can also be processed into 2D effect. So if the user does not want to wear glasses to watch TV, this kind of conversion should be very pragmatic.
The common 3D TV is still acceptable in processing effect of moving images, whereas is pale in processing still images. Spurred by the smart 3D engine, the GPU graphics accelerator in Coocaa smart 3D can speed up the display of 3D video to realize 3D real-time computation and view the still images with 3D effect.
 “Non-blink 3D” Creating Most Healthy 3D TV
CCFL backlight K08RD 3D TV also adopts “non-blink 3D” technology to successfully solve the problems inherent in common 3D such as blinking, double image, low luminosity, small visual angle and heavy glasses.
Compared with plasma 3D which is priced higher, Skyworth Coocaa smart 3D K08 series adopts Polaroid technology while plasma 3D adopts active shutter technology. These two has great gap in the technical application itself. Polaroid 3D is a new generation of technology, which is applied by most high-end brands. At the site of news conference, by comparing of CCFL backlight 3D and plasma 3D, the reporter found that the latter is dimmer than the former in luminosity. Besides, the 3D image is invisible due to reflected light in the environment of brightness. So it indicates that CCFL backlight 3D is far from being inferior to LED backlight 3D. Besides, CCFL backlight 3D consumes far less energy than plasma 3D, for example, power consumption of 47-inch LCD 3D is around 120W while that of 50-inch plasma 3D is as high as 400W.
As Liu Tangzhi expressed, Skyworth Coocaa K08RD is a sensational new 3D product, with excellent quality and cheap price. This series of products will speed up the popularization of 3D TVs and bring totally new experience to the consumers.