Skyworth Unveiling First Android 4.0 TV in the Word


Skyworth Unveiling First Android 4.0 TV in the Word

        New achievement in the industry of color TV is released as on December 29, the national leader of color TV Skyworth Group declared in Beijing that it will soon roll out the first Android4.0 TV in the world and ten TV models in three series will soon enter volume production and marketing. Android 4.0 is currently the highest version of Android operation system, with advanced features of being truly open and the most complete and uniform. Skyworth, with its professional and powerful research and development strength and highly effective integrating capability, takes the initiative to roll out the globally first ever Android 4.0 TV to infuse the industry of color TV with new vigor and epoch-making transformation of cloud TV in the industry.
        It’s known to all, the highest version of Android intelligent TV on the market by now is Android 2.3. Since Android operation system was initially developed for the smart-phones, when it was applied in TV, there are quite some shortages in the aspects of three screen fusion, operating speed, UI interface and multi-tasking as well as not a few annoyance to the users. The rolling out of Android4.0 TV will boost the TV industry into a new age of speedy intelligentization development.

        Initial Rolling out of Android4.0 TV

        Since the Android4.0 intelligent operation system was released in October of 2011, the industries of mobile phones, tablet PC and TV are all watching closely. Android fans across the world are also looking forward to the rolling out of models equipped with the newest operation system. It’s reported that only one version of Android4.0 is available, with ten major new features, supporting devices including mobile phones, tablet PC and TV. Android equipment will embrace unification. Currently new models of mobile phone and tablet PC have already been rolled out. It’s the first time to equip TV with Android4.0 system. So the cloud TV will also embrace a valuable upgrade of version.
        Why can Skyworth take the initiative against peers to develop Android4.0 TV? As leaders of Skyworth express, Skyworth has set up a partnership with frontier enterprises in the industry such as ARM and Amlogic, making an overall deployment in the fields of chips, systems, framework and application, developing new technical models for the future and boasting unparalleled strategic advantages among the peers of the industry in the aspect of resource integration. Skyworth TV is the earliest to adopt ARM framework and the proportion reaches 90% of all Skyworth TVs. The said Android4.0 rolled out this time is also developed based on ARM framework.
        Meanwhile, since the Android Coocaa intelligent 3D TV was rolled out in this March, Skyworth has always kept a leading status in the application of intelligent operation systems, constantly carrying out technical upgrade. In the new development epoch of cloud TV, Skyworth has devoted to the technical research and development of cloud TV based on Android operation system. In the aspects of system framework design and applications development, Skyworth is boasting matured technical experience and internationally top development team. The birth of the open platform Android operation system provides larger development space for the industry of color TV. Skyworth has taken the initiative to target at the business opportunity with its excellent tradition of taking a step earlier before others.

        Five Major Advantages of Android 4.0 TV

        Li Congxiang, the news spokesperson of Skyworth Group, Wang Hai, the deputy executive manager of Skyworth marketing head office and other leaders of Skyworth attended the event. Wang Hai made a detailed introduction of the five major advantages of Android4.0 TV to the reporters of massive media. The Android4.0 TV can fully reflect the features of newest version cloud TV.
        According to the introduction, Android4.0 is a system that can truly adapt for both large and small screens and is open and complete. In the future, more and more games and applications will be developed for large screens. Therefore, Android4.0 is a system that is totally suitable for the large screen display of TV. Since the three kinds of screens of TV, tablet PC and mobile phone will adopt a uniform standard, Android4.0 TV will become the center of intelligent connection, control and display. And the interacting mode of the three screens will be more uniform and intelligent.
        Wang Hai has highlighted the overall improvement of operating speed and performance of Android4.0 TV. A comparison of professional testing results reveals that Android4.0 TV fully optimizes the performance of browser, supports HTML5 browser, runs different video websites smoothly and the speed can be boosted by 30% or above. Android4.0 can provide an integral optimization program for dual-core and multi-core equipment. Skyworth is blessed with a hardware basis featured high integration and high performance. Its earlier intelligent TVs have already adopted Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali-400 CPU of ARM Company. In 2012, it will roll out new cloud TVs with dual-core and multi-core engines to provide a strong guarantee for Android4.0 to bring its excellent performance.
        Besides, Android4.0 has a powerful capability of multitasking and can support multi-task operation and performance. At the desktop of the TV, users can check the tasks and flow at any time, manage the tasks and flow as well as check the list of tasks in the form of thumbnails and also can preview, shift and terminate directly. In browsing the webpages, Android4.0 TV can support the net labels. At most 16 label pages can be opened at a time, of no difference with the operation of a computer.
        The improvement of Android4.0 TV also reflects in the UI interactive interface for the users which is more vivid, stereoscopic and dynamic. The TV can preview in the form of intelligent thumbnails, with clear content and interface. The display of UI interface reveals that Android4.0 TV can customize the desktop, wall paper and buttons. Just like a computer, it also supports the creation of a desktop fold and can also conduct task administration on the desktop and backstage.
        In recognition and control, Android4.0 TV appears smoother. Android4.0 TV not only can make speech recognition, but also can control the TV and interactive comment with speech; its recognition of human faces and gestures is also more intelligent and speedy. With the intelligent identification system, users can power on or off the TV, identify pictures and videos, play games, and so on, to let the users experience the joy of controlling; what’s more advanced is that Android4.0 TV can support gravity induction operation of games. Playing games on a large screen will surely a great fun for the fans of gravity games.

        In Cloud Era, Skyworth Sailing in Leading Position

        It’s reported that Skyworth rolled out the globally first ever Android version intelligent TV in March of 2011, taking the initiative to equip with Android operation system, support the full web browsing, webpage video on demand, download and installation of third party applications and intelligent control, etc., to become new product standards and development milestone for intelligent TV and lead the industry of color TV into a richer, faster and more intelligent age.
        In July, the globally first ever two-way single chip all-in-one TV was rolled out by Skyworth. The series of models also adopt the advanced Android operation system. The two-way integrated high definition has added new elements of competition in high-end technologies to the intelligent TV. Skyworth has displayed its uniqueness in scientific innovation to the customers once again.
        In August, the globally first ever cloud TV of Skyworth comes into birth, which is a revolutionary leap in the industry of color TV. The cloud TVs of Skyworth are also based on Android intelligent operation system, with the cloud platform as the basis. It has realized cloud space, cloud service, cloud browsing and cloud searching and other individualized applications on the TV for the first time, depending on the powerful cloud computing technology and providing the resources needed by so many applications to the users through the internet.
        At the beginning of this month, Skyworth declared that all of the six series of cloud TVs under it will go through an upgrade. Without need to upgrade the hardware, the humanized interactive experience of Skyworth cloud TVs like cloud transfer, cloud appointment, cloud speech and cloud control, to take the lead in the technologies of color TV once again.
        In just one year, Skyworth has rolled out so many high-end models into the market, which has stirred up a revolution that swept the color TV industry. The models are introduced into the market quickly in sales volume. According to the internal monitored sales data provided by Skyworth, more than 200 thousand sets of Skyworth cloud TVs have been sold up to now. And it’s predicted that the number will exceed 300 thousand by the coming spring festival.
        On the 21st day of this month, on the 2011 Development White Paper of China’s Cloud TV co-released by authority organizations such as China Video Industry Association, China Consumption Electronics Industry Development Center, National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products of China, ITGov China IT Governance Research Center, All View Consulting together with enterprises including Skyworth, Konka, TCL, Haier and Tongfang, the reporters found that Skyworth brought up six necessary conditions for cloud TVs. Besides, Skyworth cloud TV has also won the honor of the best cloud TV of the year. As some experts expressed, a standard should be introduced as soon as possible for cloud TV to regulate its robust development. The six necessary conditions of Skyworth cloud TV might become the industrial standard.