Skyworth Rolled out First OLED TV of Chinese Brand

 Skyworth Rolled out First OLED TV of Chinese Brand
    On November 28, Skyworth Group officially announced to unveil the first OLED TV of Chinese brand in Shenzhen on its media briefing of semi-yearly report. This time, two series of OLED TV carrying Tianchi operating system were rolled out by Skyworth. The new products are as thin as 5mm. The new OLED products indicate that Skyworth has taken the lead to master the key technologies for displaying equipment of next generation and shown its strong capability of industry chain integration. The unveiling of China-made OLED TV is of substantial significance for spurring the technical innovation of China's color TV in the future.
    Taking the lead to master key technologies, Skyworth unveiled the first OLED TV
    Color TV has gradually evolved from the era of kinescope to today. Its core displaying screen gets increasingly advanced in technology. Correspondingly, it has posed a very high requirement on the production technologies and equipment of the whole machine. Viewed from experience, in the technical innovation of hardware of the products, Chinese brands are 2-3 years later than foreign brands to roll out new products. However, Skyworth, as a professional color TV business, has begun research and exploration into OLED technology early ago and accumulated a great technical reserve for the innovation of displaying technology of next generation. That it achieved debut in China reflects its full preparation and solid accumulation, which is expected to play a critical role in its leading the innovation of OLED TV in China.
    With series releasing, Skyworth opens up OLED industry chain
    On the press conference, Liu Tangzhi, the president of Color TV Division and vice president of Skyworth Group unveiled the first OLED TV of Chinese brand. Applauds echoed at the site hardly after his words were finished. Under expectations, the first OLED TV is set to attract attentions from the public. Another bright spot of the debut is that two series of OLED TV were released. Viewed from experience, when a consumption electronics manufacturer released concept product, it might be engineering samples which cannot be used by civilians, or might be too expensive for common customers to afford. That Skyworth rolled out the products with new technology in series this time indicates that Skyworth has already solved the problem of screen body resources at the upper stream, which can also be seen from the splendid performance of its profound strategic cooperation with LGD Company the upper panel supplier recently. Besides, that Skyworth can take the lead to turn new technology into new product also indicates that it has made full preparation in each link of research, production and sale and displayed its leading status in the field of color TV in China.
    Ultra-thin Skyworth OLED boasts multiple advantages
    The full form of OLED is "organic lighting emission diodes". It's the newest displaying technology. Since OLED is self-luminous, backlit modules and liquid crystal molecular layer are not required. As such, the thickness of the TV can be compressed within 1cm, which is far lower than the average thickness of LCD TV at 5cm-15cm. It achieves a surprising effect as thin as cicada's wing. Besides, OLED screen is solid substance formed from the arrangement of organic lighting emission diodes. Internally it does not require liquid molecules and glass base plates used for encapsulation. Therefore, though the body is very slim, the durability of its hardware has been enhanced distinctively, which has greatly reduced the risk of "shattered inner screen" and "liquid leakage" which are a problem often occurring in traditional LCD TV. Even if some minor damage occurs in the partial area, the whole can still work normally.
    "More wonderful than the truth" was ever a slogan and goal for the innovation in the field of color TV displaying. Now, Tianchi OLED TV integrating the cutting-edge technologies of the industry and technology unique to Skyworth has turned the slogan into a reality. The first OLED TV adopts WRGB displaying scheme. White is added on the basis of three traditional primary colors, red, green and blue to make the color displaying richer and make the contrast ratio reach 10,000,000:1 which is beyond the reach of LCD TV. It can restore any dark night scene which is hard to be displayed clearly without any loss. Besides, based on the image processing technology developed by itself, Skyworth has made a deep excavation into its advantages in displaying of OLED TV, further reduced the choppiness of the video and enhanced the definition. It has enhanced the response speed of dynamic images to over 0.001ms, 1000 times faster than LCD TV, which has thoroughly solved the problems of trailing or shadowing in the dynamic images of traditional TV and enhanced the audio and video life to a new level.
    In my view, that Skyworth's debut of a new generation of OLED TV signals that it has taken the lead to master key technologies of displaying equipment of next generation and grasped early opportunities in the research and development of new technologies and the integration of industrial chains and further solidified its leading status in the technologies of color TV industry. It has made another success for its high-end brand strategy. To the request of media and TV fans, Skyworth will soon hold an appreciating event of OLED new products to seek feedback of the market on the new products and better satisfy the demands of customers.